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Chapter 5. Using Jsvc to Start Tomcat

Jsvc is a set of libraries and applications that facilitates running Java applications on Linux, UNIX, and similar operating systems. Using Jsvc with Red Hat JBoss Web Server 3 allows Tomcat to switch identities. Using Jsvc, Tomcat can perform root-level operations and then revert to a non-privileged user. Jsvc is primarily used for running Tomcat as a service.
Jsvc files are available at the following locations:

For Red Hat Enterprise Linux:

  • JWS_HOME/extras/jsvc
  • JWS_HOME/tomcat<VERSION>/bin/jsvc


JWS_HOME/tomcat<VERSION>/bin/jsvc is a symlink to JWS_HOME/extras/jsvc.

For Solaris:

  • JWS_HOME/sbin/jsvc
  • JWS_HOME/share/apache-tomcat-<VERSION>/bin/jsvc


JWS_HOME/share/apache-tomcat-<VERSION>/bin/jsvc is a symlink to JWS_HOME/sbin/jsvc.

5.1. Starting Tomcat Using Jsvc

Procedure 5.1. Start Tomcat Using Jsvc on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • Run the following command to start Tomcat using Jsvc on Red Hat Enterprise Linux:
    JWS_HOME/tomcat<VERSION>/bin/ start

Procedure 5.2. Start Tomcat Using Jsvc on Solaris

  • Run the following command to start Tomcat using Jsvc on Solaris:
    JWS_HOME/share/tomcat<VERSION>/bin/ start