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Chapter 4. Installing JBoss Web Server on Solaris

4.1. Installing a Java Development Kit (JDK)

Before installing Red Hat JBoss Web Server on Solaris, you must first install a supported Java Development Kit (JDK).


JBoss Web Server 3 support for Solaris is limited to the Oracle JDK (1.7 and 1.8) on Solaris 10 and Solaris 11.

Procedure 4.1. Installing Java

  1. Download the Oracle JDK 1.7 or 1.8 for your operating system and architecture. You can download the JDK installation file from the Oracle website:
  2. Run the Java installation file.
  3. Open /usr at a shell prompt, and run the following command to display the current Java symbolic link:
    ls -lad java
  4. Remove the link:
    rm java
  5. Create a Java symbolic link to the newly installed JDK:
    ln -sf /usr/jdk/<JDK>