4. Known Issues


978978 - Unexpected differences in httpd/include/ap_config_layout.h in ZIP and RPM

In JBoss Enterprise Web Server 2.1.1, the following C macros are available in the ZIP distribution but are not present in the RPM distribution in httpd/include/ap_config_layout.h:
#define DEFAULT_EXP_LIBEXECDIR "/usr/lib/httpd/modules" 
#define DEFAULT_REL_LIBEXECDIR "/usr/lib/httpd/modules" 
#define DEFAULT_EXP_INSTALLBUILDDIR "/usr/lib/httpd/build" 
#define DEFAULT_REL_INSTALLBUILDDIR "/usr/lib/httpd/build"
1362188 - EWS 2.1.1 CR1: snmp module doesn't response at solaris sparc

SNMP does not respond on the defined port in the snmpd.conf file in solaris sparc.
1025057 - SSLProxyMachineCertificateFile doesn't support PKCS#8 key format

In JBoss Web Server, when a PKCS#8 key generated by OpenSSL is used, JBoss Web Server displays the following error and then terminates:
incomplete client cert configured for SSL proxy (missing or encrypted private key?)

The PKCS#8 format is not supported by mod_ssl, as mod_ssl uses different functions when loading the proxy key pair.

This is a known issue in JBoss Web Server 3.0. As a workaround, convert from PKCS#8 to the raw PEM encoding of the RSA key and use "openssl pkcs8".
1362029 - EWS 2.1.1 CR1: snmp module ignore conf setup

The SNMP module does not start on the defined port specified in the snmpd.confand uses the default port. In order to make the httpd read the snmpd.conf correctly, the solution is to place it under httpd's conf/ directory, the directory in which httpd.conf resides.
1358422 - LD_LIBRARY_PATH entries exported in Unix session are overridden in apachectl script

When LD_LIBRARY_PATH content was overwritten by apachectl, you cannot set it before starting apachectl. The workaround is to add $LD_LIBRARY_PATH after : on the line: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$currentDir/lib: in the apachectl script.
1133129 - Request to resolve upstream bug 39737

On Windows, the access log format "%{tid}P" logs invalid thread IDs.
1360822 - EWS 2.1.1 CR1: snmp module contains discrepency in snpm.conf.sample at windows

The Httpd does not start due to missing "modules/" prefix before declaring .so files in conf.d/mod_snmpd.conf.sample.

The workaround is to add "modules/" prefix to libsnmpcommon.so and libsnmpmonagt.so.

The conf.d/mod_snmp.conf should contain LoadModule snmpcommon_module modules/libsnmpcommon.so LoadModule snmpagt_module modules/libsnmpmonagt.so.


1364453 - Socked bind failed on link-local [IPV6]

Attempting to use a link-local scoped ipv6 address yields an exception and prevents httpd from binding to the address. Regarding httpd and since the upstream bug https://bz.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=59396 is not fixed, the only way is to use a link-local scoped IPv6 address. Define the address along with scope ID or the link-local scoped interface, and followed by the port number without using brackets. For example, Listen fe80::4eeb:42ff:fedb:9dbd%3:80.

On Tomcat, to use a link-local scoped IPv6 address, the workaround is to specify the scope ID along with the address in the address section. For example, address="fe80::124a:7dff:fea1:22be%3".
1363653 - Tomcat security manager Error [EWS-2.1.1]

While using Tomcat 7 and jdk 1.6 with security manager, the Tomcat catalina log includes the java.security.AccessControlException: access denied after it is started. You can ignore this error message.


900273 - mod_jk is unable to handle space after equal '=' sign in uriworkermap.properties where worker name includes a hyphen '-'

In JBoss Enterprise Web Server, when a worker name includes the - character and a space is added after the = character in the uriworkermaps.properties file, the following error appears in the mod_jk logs:
[25736:139832971024352] [error] uri_worker_map_ext::jk_uri_worker_map.c (506): Could not find worker with name jk-stauus in uri map post processing. [25736:139832971024352] [error] uri_worker_map_ext::jk_uri_worker_map.c (506): Could not find worker with name jk-stauus in uri map post processing.

This is a known issue in JBoss Enterprise Web Server 3.0. A workaround for this issue is to remove the space after the = sign. Therefore, /jk-status|/* = jk-status is changed to /jk-status|/* =jk-status.


1340955 - A VirtualHost's ProxyTimeout or Timeout does not always properly override global Timeout

With a shorter global Timeout and a longer ProxyTimeout specified in the VirtualHost, the VirtualHost's ProxyTimeout does not always take precedence.
1338645 - MODCLUSTER000022: Failed to drain n remaining pending requests