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Writing JBoss ON Command-Line Scripts

Red Hat JBoss Operations Network 3.3

Using the JBoss ON CLI and Remote API

Jared Morgan

Zach Rhoads

Ella Deon Ballard


JBoss Operations Network provides its own command shell that can interact directly with the JBoss ON server. This CLI uses the JBoss ON remote API to perform most of the tasks available in the JBoss ON GUI, as well as additional operations like importing and exporting server configuration and exporting historic metric data. The CLI allows administrators to script and automate their JBoss ON deployment, which makes it easier to manage their infrastructure.
This guide covers the basics of installing and using the JBoss ON CLI and provides examples of scripts for common tasks. It is intended primarily for administrators who will be using the default JBoss ON CLI to manage JBoss ON. This manual has a secondary audience for plug-in writers and developers who intend to write custom applications which leverage the remote API.