18.3. Defining Arguments and Other Parameters for the CLI Scripts

There may be multiple groups or some tasks (like searching for resources or running an operation) may have multiple options.
Each JavaScript file can define its own script options in args methods. At a minimum, each script should accept the name of the group on which to perform the task.
It is also a really good idea to define a usage function, so that each command can print what options are expected. For example:
function usage() {
        println("Usage: deploy groupName");
        throw "Illegal arguments";

if( args.length < 1 ) usage();
var groupName = args[0];
When adding arguments for a script, be sure to set the proper number of tokens in the wrapper script for the CLI invocation. For example, for groupName and fileName, add $2 $3.
doDeploy() {
      $JON_CLI_HOME/bin/rhq-cli.sh $RHQ_OPTS -f $SCRIPT_HOME/deploy.js $2 $3
Aside from the script for creating a group, every script must also include a search for the group to perform the operations on. For example:
groupcriteria = new ResourceGroupCriteria();

var groups = ResourceGroupManager.findResourceGroupsByCriteria(groupcriteria);
if( groups != null ) {
  if( groups.size() > 1 ) {
        println("Found more than one group.");
  else if( groups.size() == 1 ) {
     group = groups.get(0);