5.2. CLI Script Options

Both rhq-cli.bat and rhq-cli.sh scripts accept the options listed in Table 5.1, “Command-Line Options”.

Table 5.1. Command-Line Options

Short Option Long Option Description
-h --help Displays the help text of the command line options of the CLI.
-u --user The username used to log into the JBoss ON server.
-p --password The password used to log into the JBoss ON server.
-P Displays a password prompt where input is not echoed backed to the screen.
-s --host The JBoss ON server against which the CLI executes commands. Defaults to localhost.
-t --port The port on which the JBoss ON server is accepting HTTP requests. The default is 7080.
-c --command A command to be executed. The command must be encased in double quotes. The CLI will exit after the command has finished executing.
-f --file The full path and filename of a script to execute.
--args-style Indicates the style or format of arguments passed to the script.
-v --version Displays CLI and JBoss ON server version information once connected to the CLI.
--transport Determines whether or not SSL will be used for the communication layer protocol between the CLI and the JBoss ON server. If not specified the value is determined from the {port} option. If you use a port that ends in 443, SSL will be used. You only need to explicitly specify the transport when your JBoss ON server is listening over SSL on a port that does not end with 443.