2.3. CLI Files and Directories

These are the directories and relevant files for the CLI utility.

Table 2.1. Important CLI Utility Directories and Files

File or Directory Description
cliRoot/rhq-remoting-cli-4.9.0.JON320GA The installation directory. The CLI utility is simply unzipped, so the installation directory can be anywhere on a system.
CLI Scripts
cliRoot/rhq-remoting-cli-4.9.0.JON320GA/bin Contains both Linux (shell) and Windows (batch) scripts for the CLI utility.
rhq-cli.sh | rhq-cli.bat The CLI utility.
rhq-cli-env.sh | rhq-cli-env.bat Sets environment variables for the CLI utility, such as the Java home directory and Java options.
cliRoot/rhq-remoting-cli-4.9.0.JON320GA/samples/modules/ Contains sample CommonJS modules. This is also the default directory for loading CommonJS modules using the modules:/ URI.
Defines search functions for iterating through an array of object (foreach), to return the first matching object (find) or to return all matching objects (findAll). It also has functions for converting information from JavaScript hashes to JBoss ON configuration objects and back.
The same as the samples/util.js script, but written as a CommonJS module.
Defines functions to create and deploy a bundle, create a bundle destination, or get information on supported base directories for a resource.
The same as the samples/bundles.js script, but written as a CommonJS module.
Defines functions to create and diff snapshots, get a definition, and show the history for a resource or specific file.
The same as the samples/drift.js script, but written as a CommonJS module.
Defines several functions to manage EAP 6 / AS 7 resources, including deploying web applications and managing EAP clusters.
The same as the samples/deploy-to-and-restart-JBAS.js and samples/add-as7-standalone-server-to-cluster.js scripts, but combined and written as a CommonJS module.
cliRoot/rhq-remoting-cli-4.9.0.JON320GA/samples Contains both sample JavaScript files and supplemental JavaScript files which can be adapted to work with other scripts.
util.js A utility script which provides additional functions for search, mapping, and listing objects.
measurement_utils.js A utility script which simplifies updating metrics schedules. Instead of having to understand the underlying measurement APIs, it provides a way to define the metrics to change based on their friendly (UI) name and then both enables/disables and sets collection intervals in simpler terms.
drift.js A sample script which contains functions to create a snapshot, search for a specific drift definition, compare snapshots, and view drift histories.
bundles.js A sample script which sets up a bundles definition. This includes generating a bundle archive, creating a destination group, and then deploying the bundle.
deploy-to-and-restart-JBAS.js A sample script which deploys a new bundle or updated bundle to a group of JBoss servers, and then restarts the servers in the destination group.
Module Sample Scripts  
cliRoot/rhq-remoting-cli-4.9.0.JON320GA/conf Contains the XML files to configure the log4j logger for the CLI utility.
Sets the configuration for regular and debug logging for the CLI utility.
cliRoot/rhq-remoting-cli-4.9.0.JON320GA/logs Contains the error logs for the CLI utility. This directory is created when the CLI is first run.
rhq-server-cli.log The error log for the CLI utility.
cliRoot/rhq-remoting-cli-4.9.0.JON320GA/lib Contains all of the libraries used specifically by the CLI utility, including some libraries for proxy resources and CLI-specific commands.