Appendix A. Document History

Revision History
Revision 3.3.7-2Tue 11 Apr 2017Scott Mumford
Rebuild for various bug fixes.
Revision 3.3.7-1Tue 20 Sep 2016Scott Mumford
BZ-1375587: Updated code examples in 'Creating and Editing Dynagroups' section.
Revision 3.3.2-11Fri 19 Aug 2016Scott Mumford
Removed incorrect references to Python in script modules content.
Revision 3.3.2-10Thu 02 July 2015Jared Morgan
Removed some redundant front matter.
Prepared for JBoss ON 3.3.2 Release
Revision 3.3.1-1Wed Feb 18 2015Jared Morgan
Prepared for JBoss ON 3.3.2.GA Release
Revision 3.3-20Mon Nov 17 2014Jared Morgan
See 3.3 Release Notes for Customer Reported Defects