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Chapter 8. Creating User Accounts

Users are part of the overall security planning for JBoss ON, even though they don't have access controls set on their accounts individually.

8.1. Managing the rhqadmin Account

When JBoss ON is installed, there is a default superuser already created, rhqadmin. This superuser has the default password rhqadmin.
The rhqadmin account cannot be deleted, even if other superuser accounts are created. Additionally, the role assignments for rhqadmin cannot be changed; it is always a superuser account.
If a user is deleted, scheduled operations owned by the user are canceled.
When you first log into JBoss ON after installation, change the superuser password.
  1. Click the Administration tab in the top menu.
  2. In the Security table on the left, select Users.
  3. Click the name of rhqadmin.
  4. In the edit user form, change the password to a new, complex value.