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17.5. Platform Utilization Report

For general infrastructure monitoring, the primary resource is the platform. The Platform Utilization report shows a very quick snapshot on the health of every platform in the inventory by showing its current system performance, in three metrics:
  • Current CPU percentage
  • The actual memory usage, based on the available physical memory, buffer, and cache
  • Swap

Figure 17.9. Platform Utilization Report

Platform Utilization Report
This report can also be added to the main Dashboard or a resource-level Summary dashboard as a portlet.
There are a couple of caveats. Only available platforms are listed. Other platforms in the inventory that are not in an available state are not listed. Also, the utilization is based on the most recent live data, not averages or historical values. It provides an immediate look at the platform resources.
Reports can be exported to CSV, which can be used for office systems or further data manipulation.
To export a report, simply click the Export button. The report will automatically be downloaded as platformUtilization.csv.