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18.9. Changing the Agent's Availability Scan Period

Since availability is processed on the server, large environments with hundreds of agents and tens of thousands of resources can stress the server and hurt performance. In that case, the default scan interval may be too short, and setting a longer scan interval may improve JBoss ON server performance.
When changing core agent or server settings, especially ones that impact JBoss ON performance, contact Red Hat Support Services for assistance.
  1. Open the agent configuration file.
    vim agentRoot/rhq-agent/conf/agent-configuration.xml
  2. Uncomment the lines in the XML file, and set the new scan time (in seconds).
    <entry key="rhq.agent.plugins.availability-scan.period-secs" value="60"/>
  3. Restart the agent in the foreground of a terminal. Use the --cleanconfig option to force the agent to read the new configuration from the configuration file.
    agentRoot/rhq-agent/bin/ --cleanconfig