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4.3. Users and Management Tasks

The system user which the agent runs as impacts several common agent tasks:
  • Discovery
  • Deploying applications
  • Executing scripts
  • Running start, stop, and restart operations
  • Creating child resources through the JBoss ON UI
  • Viewing and editing resource configuration
The key thing to determine is what tasks need to be performed and who needs to perform that operation, based on limits on the resource or the operating system for permissions or authorization.
For some actions — discovery, deploying applications, or creating child resources — setting system ACLs that grant the agent user permission are sufficient.
For running operations or executing scripts, it may be necessary to run the task as a user other than the agent user. This can be done using sudo.
Whatever method, the goal is to grant the JBoss ON user all of the required system permissions necessary to carry out the operations.