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Chapter 2. REST API Data Classes

2.1. Data-Class: AlertConditionRest

One condition for an alert definition

name String Comparator to use with this definition. See POST /alert/definition/{id}/condition for details.
category String The category. See POST /alert/definition/{id}/condition for details.
id int Id of the condition. Note that this is not stable - when you update the condition, its id will change
threshold Double The threshold to compare against. See POST /alert/definition/{id}/condition for details.
option String Options to this condition. Depends on the category used. See POST /alert/definition/{id}/condition for details.
triggerId Integer
comparator String Comparator for conditions. See POST /alert/definition/{id}/condition for details.
measurementDefinition int The id of the measurement *definition*, this comparator should apply to. A metric schedule can be identified by a resource id and a definition id.