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2.2. Data-Class: AlertDefinitionRest

Representation of an AlertDefinition

id int The id of the definition
name String The name of the definition
enabled boolean Is the definition enabled(=active)?
priority String The priority of the definition
recoveryId int Id of an alert definition to recover
conditionMode String Expression to use for condition logic
conditions List<AlertConditionRest> List of Conditions. Only sent if explicitly requested.
notifications List<AlertNotificationRest> List of notifications. Only sent if explicitly requested.
dampeningCategory String Category for dampening. ONCE means 'disable definition after firing'
dampeningCount int Number of occurrences of an alert (in a given period). Valid values are > -1
dampeningPeriod int Period to check events. Only applicable for PARTIAL_COUNT, DURATION_COUNT, INVERSE_COUNT
dampeningUnit String Unit of the dampening period.
links List<Link>