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6.5. Changing Agent Connection Configuration

There are two parts to the agent configuration:
  • The agent connection properties, which define the agent instance and how it communicates to the server
  • The agent JVM properties, which manage agent performance and options
The agent connection properties are defined when the agent is installed. This includes information like the server for it to connect to, its port number, and whether to use SSL connections.
That agent connection configuration is initially read from agent-configuration.xml and overlaid with the values entered at the setup prompts at start up. After the agent is initially configured, the agent persists that configuration and never refers to the agent-configuration.xml again. For that information to be changed, the agent connection information has to be wiped out and reset.
To change the connection configuration, one option is to use the --cleanconfig option and run through the setup wizard again.
agentRoot/rhq-agent/bin/ --cleanconfig
Most JVM and optional settings (the persisted configuration) are made in the file, which is loaded every time the agent starts, or using agent prompt commands like setconfig.