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9.2. Removing JBoss Agent Plug-in Packs

Procedure 9.2. How to Remove a JBoss ON Plug-in Pack Manually

  1. Open /opt/jon/jon-server-3.3.2.GA/plugins
  2. Delete the plug-in that you no longer want in inventory.
  3. Standalone Platforms

    Have the JBoss ON server update its plug-ins. This can be done through the JBoss ON GUI, or by restarting the server.
    To reload the plug-ins through the GUI:
    1. Open the Administration tab.
    2. In the Configuration area on the left, select the Agent Plug-ins link.
    3. At the bottom of the list of loaded agent plug-ins, click the SCAN FOR UPDATES button.
  4. Managed Platforms

    All agents installed on managed platforms must update their plug-ins to recognize the deleted JBoss plug-in. The agents can manually reload their plug-ins to detect changes from the agent's command prompt using the plugins command:
    [jsmith@server ~]$ agentRoot/rhq-agent/bin/
    > plugins update
    Alternatively, if the agents are imported into the JBoss ON inventory, this can be done in the JBoss ON GUI by scheduling an update plugins operation for an agent or a group or agents.
    To schedule an Update Plug-ins Operation:
    1. Select the agent resource entry in the inventory
    2. Open the Operations tab
    3. schedule the update plug-ins operation