7.14. Setting Discovery Scan Intervals

The agent scans a platform routinely to look for new servers or services to add to the discovery queue and, subsequently, to inventory. There are several different parameters which set scan intervals:
  • The scan interval for servers, set in the rhq.agent.plugins.server-discovery.period-secs. The default is 900 seconds (15 minutes).
  • The scan interval for services, set in the rhq.agent.plugins.service-discovery.period-secs. The default is 86400 seconds (24 hours).
  • The scan interval for low-level child services, set in the rhq.agent.plugins.child-discovery.delay-secs. The default is five (5) seconds.
    Immediate children are discovered as soon as the parent resource is discovered. However, lower-level children are discovered on a subsequent discovery scan. This sets a delay between the initial import and the next discovery scan.
These are set in the agent-configuration.xml file, so the configuration must be cleanly reloaded before the changes take effect.
  1. Open the agent prompt. For example, if the agent process is already running, the prompt can be opened by re-running the rhq-agent.sh script with the -n option.
    agentRoot/rhq-agent/bin/rhq-agent.sh -n
  2. Use the setconfig command to reset the discovery scan intervals. The preference name is whatever the entry name is in the agent-configuration.xml file. For example:
    > setconfig rhq.agent.plugins.server-discovery.period-secs=600
    > setconfig rhq.agent.plugins.service-discovery.period-secs=1440
    > setconfig rhq.agent.plugins.child-discovery.delay-secs=60
  3. Restart the agent process to load the new configuration. For example, if the agent is running as a service:
    [root@server ~]# service rhq-agent-wrapper.sh stop
    [root@server ~]# service rhq-agent-wrapper.sh start