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7.7. Changing the Agent IP Address

The agent IP address is set in the rhq.communications.connector.bind-address configuration preference. This is the IP address the agent binds to when it starts its server socket, meaning this is the site that the agent uses to listen for incoming messages from the server.
Do not attempt to edit the agent-configuration.xml file. The agent does not use this file once the initial setup is complete, so any changes to this file aren't loaded automatically by the agent.
  1. Open the agent prompt. For example, if the agent process is already running, the prompt can be opened by re-running the script with the -n option.
    agentRoot/rhq-agent/bin/ -n
  2. Send the setconfig with the rhq.communications.connector.bind-address configuration preference and new value.
    > setconfig rhq.communications.connector.bind-address=
  3. Restart the agent process to load the new configuration.
    agentRoot/rhq-agent/bin/ stop