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Appendix A. Document History

Revision History
Revision 3.3.7-3Tue 11 Apr 2017Scott Mumford
Rebuild for various bug fixes.
Revision 3.3.7-2Mon 05 Sep 2016Scott Mumford
BZ-1370474: Fixed incorrect values in the configuration file shown in Procedure 4.1
BZ-1369081: Corrected incorrect values in multiple entries
BZ-1370498: Added missing configuration in Example SSL Configuration. Added note about updating keystore/truststore
BZ-1370489: Clarified text in Enable client authentication
Revision 3.3.2-13Tue 23 Feb 2016Scott Mumford
BZ-1323876: Updated "Setting up Client Authentication Between Servers and Agents" chapter.
Revision 3.3.2-12Tue 23 Feb 2016Scott Mumford
BZ-1279557 and BZ-1279556: Updated listed secure-socket-protocols
BZ-1214414: Updated commands using DSA algorithm to RSA.
BZ-1187400: Clarified contradictory uses of SSL transport connector options in procedure.
Revision 3.3.2-11Thu 02 Jul 2015Jared Morgan
Fixed HTML Anchors that were breaking links in the JBoss ON UI Help > Documentation menu.
Removed preface matter.
Revision 3.3.2-1Tue 28 Apr 2015Jared Morgan
Prepared for JBoss ON 3.3.2 Release
Revision 3.3.1-1Wed Feb 18 2015Jared Morgan
Prepared for JBoss ON 3.3.1; Release
Revision 3.3-32Mon Nov 17 2014Jared Morgan
See 3.3 Release Notes for Customer Reported Defects - corrected an issue with JVM parameter for Section 3.5, “Tuning the Server JVM”. - changed two steps in the Section 9.10.3, “Restoring the Cluster” procedure to reflect the additional tables required. - added the -g --purgeplugins option as described in Section 7.3.2, “Agent Start Options”. - Change from High Availability to Topology and converted to a menuchoice in Section 7.15, “Viewing the Server Failover Lists for Agents” - Updated the procedure to reflect the new screenshots in Section 5.2, “Creating Affinity Groups”. Also did a copy-edit and XML tweaks on this section. - Adjusted the procedure in Section 5.4, “Removing Servers from the High Availability Cloud” to reflect that you click a row to highlight it rather than a checkbox now. - Converted orderedlist to a procedure, changed figures, and updated procedure text in Section 5.3, “Putting Servers in Maintenance Mode”. - corrected an issue with the email.jsp path in the Section 6.3.4, “Configuring the SMTP Server for Email Notifications” section.