2.11. Managing the Server Service

2.11.1. Starting the Server and Other Services

The simplest way to start all installed services (server, agent, and storage node) is simply to run the script with the start command.
[root@server ~]# serverRoot/bin/rhqctl start
Trying to start the RHQ Server...
RHQ Server (pid 27547) is starting
Any individual service can be started using the appropriate option (--server, --storage, or --agent).
[root@server ~]# serverRoot/bin/rhqctl start --server
The RHQ_JAVA_HOME environment variable must be set on Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems for the server to start. This can be set to a general value like /usr/.


The server must be started using the rhqctl script, not the rhq-server.sh script.
Likewise, any agent installed with the server must be started using the rhqctl command. It must not be started using the rhq-agent.sh script. Additionally, the agent must be started without requiring any user intervention. The RHQ_AGENT_PASSWORD_PROMPT parameter should always be commented out or set to false so that no password is required to start the agent.

2.11.2. Opening the Server in a Console

When the server is running as a service on either Windows or Linux, it is running in the background. It is possible to open the server in a console window, using the control script:
  1. Stop the JBoss ON server.
    [root@server ~]# serverRoot/jon-server-3.2.0.GA/bin/rhqctl.sh stop
  2. Run the rhqctl script with the console command.
    [root@server ~]# serverRoot/jon-server-3.2.0.GA/bin/rhqctl.sh console --server