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2.9. Installing Additional Servers for High Availability

JBoss ON can be configured to run in a high availability cloud by configuring multiple server instances which all use the same SQL database backend. Because all of the servers share a backend, they all have the same set of data and inventory to use and all communicate with the same agents.
Installing an Additional Server with an Agent and Storage Node

At a minimum, additional servers must be installed with the same SQL database information as the first JBoss ON server instance. The file must be edited to use the same database configuration as the original instance; the database properties are listed in Section 2.6.2, “Attributes in the Properties File”. After editing the properties file for the database settings, the server can be installed as normal:

[root@server ~]# serverRoot/jon-server-3.2.0.GA/bin/ install --start
Installing an Additional Server with a Separate Storage Node

With the default install command, a server, agent, and storage node are installed. In some high availability deployments, a storage node may not be installed with every server. In that case, the configuration for the existing storage node must be added to the server configuration as part of its installation process.

  1. On the original server machine, check the Administration >Storage Nodes area for the list of IP addresses or hostnames for the storage nodes and for the client and gossip ports used by the nodes.
  2. On the new server machine, before installing the server, edit the file to include the connection information for the storage nodes.
    Add each storage node in a comma-separated listed to the parameter. Then, add the client and gossip port values.
    [root@server ~]# vim serverRoot/jon-server-3.2.0.GA/bin/,,
  3. Install the server and an agent. Specifying the --server and --agent options only installs those two components; the storage database is excluded.
    [root@server ~]# serverRoot/jon-server-3.2.0.GA/bin/ install --server --agent --start