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4.6. Configuring the Server as a Windows Service

The rhq-server.bat script has an installation option that installs the script as a Windows service.
  1. Set the environment variable for the user to run the Windows service as.
    Every Windows service has to run as some system user. There are two environment variables in the rhq-server.bat script that set the user to use:
    • RHQ_SERVER_RUN_AS sets any Windows user to be the JBoss ON server user. The username given here must be in the standard Windows format, DOMAIN\user, such as EXAMPLEDOMAIN\jsmith.
    • RHQ_SERVER_RUN_AS_ME sets the server to run as whoever the current user is. This overrides the RHQ_SERVER_RUN_AS, if both as set.
    If neither environment variable is set, then the JBoss ON server runs as the system account.
  2. Run the rhq-server.bat script with the install option to set up the service. This prompts for the password of whatever user account is used for the JBoss ON service.
    serverRoot\bin\rhq-server.bat install