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8.9. Reinstalling the Agent (JAR)

An agent can be re-installed, with completely fresh configuration. There are three points of configuration for the agent: the agent's (local) persisted configuration, the agent inventory (and associated resource data), and the platform entry in the server inventory. Both the configuration on the local machine and the agent and resource configuration on the JBoss ON server need to be cleared for the agent to reinstalled successfully:
  • The agent's persisted Java configuration should be purged.
  • The agent's inventory should be purged, along with any resource history and configuration.
  • The agent (via the platform entry) must be removed from the JON inventory.


    If the agent was configured, but the platform was never imported into the inventory, then you must import the platform from the discovery queue first, and then delete the platform. The discovery queue is a halfway point in the inventory. Even if the agent is removed, the platform could still linger in the discovery queue as a ghost entry.
To reinstall the agent:
  1. Make sure that the original agent instance is properly removed.
    1. Stop the agent process.
    2. Remove the platform entry from the JBoss ON server inventory.
  2. Restart the agent with the --fullcleanconfig option. This registers the agent with a new security token and fresh configuration settings.
    agentRoot/rhq-agent/bin/ --fullcleanconfig