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Chapter 5. Installing JBoss Agent Plug-in Packs

JBoss Operations Network has additional agent plug-ins to handle specific JBoss resources — EWS, EDS, EAP, or SOA-P. Although these are JBoss ON resource plug-ins, they are included in separate packages and require a separate subscription to download them.


Installing the EWS, EDS, EAP, or SOA-P plug-ins is not the same as deploying a custom agent plug-in or a server-side plug-in. Deploying custom plug-ins is done after JBoss ON server installation and is described in the Basic Admin Guide.
  1. Download the plug-in JAR files from the Customer Support Portal.
    In the Customer Support Portal, open the Downloads tab and select the Downloads item in the JBOSS ENTERPRISE MIDDLEWARE area.
  2. Select the JBoss ON for Plug-in product in the drop-down box.
  3. Download the plug-in packs.
  4. Extract the additional plug-in pack archives to a temporary location. This creates a subdirectory with the name jon-plugin-pack-plugin_name-version. For example:
    [root@server rhq-agent]# unzip -d /tmp
  5. Copy the extracted plug-in JAR files from the jon-plugin-pack-plugin_name- directory to the JBoss ON server plug-in directory. For example:
    [root@server rhq-agent]# cp /tmp/jon-plugin-pack-plugin_name-*.jar /opt/jon/jon-server-
  6. Have the JBoss ON server update its plug-ins. This can be done through the JBoss ON GUI or by restarting the server.
    To load the plug-ins through the GUI:
    1. Open the Administration tab.
    2. In the Configuration area on the left, select the Agent Plug-ins link.
    3. At the bottom of the list of loaded agent plug-ins, click the SCAN FOR UPDATES button.
  7. Have the agents reload their plug-ins to load the new plug-ins. This can be done from the agent's command prompt using the plugins command:
    > plugins update
    This can also be done in the JBoss ON GUI by scheduling an update plugins operation for an agent or a group or agents.
    Alternatively, restart the agents.