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4.2. Installing the Server JAR File

  1. Log into the Windows machine as Administrator. The server and plug-in packages must be installed as the Administrator account.
  2. Stop any currently running JBoss ON instances.
    C:\rhq\jon-server-\bin\rhq-server.bat stop


    If the new JBoss ON server will use a database that existing JBoss ON instances are also using, then all of the existing JBoss ON instances have to be stopped. Otherwise, the installer will hang when it tries to contact the database and the database is unavailable because it is in use by another JBoss ON server.
  3. Download the JBoss ON binaries from the Customer Support Portal.
    1. In the Customer Support Portal, click Software, and then select JBoss Operations Network in the product drop-down box.
    2. Download the JBoss Operations Network 3.1.2 Base Distribution package by clicking the Download icon.
  4. Create a directory for the server to be installed in.
    Use a relatively short name. Path names longer than 19 characters can cause problems running the server or executing some tasks.
  5. Unzip the server distribution to the desired installation directory.
    C:> winzip32 -e C:\jon\jon-server-
  6. Set the directory path to the JDK installation for a 32-bit JDK. For example:
    set RHQ_SERVER_JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_29
    The default Java service wrapper included with JBoss ON requires a 32-bit JVM, so the Java preference set for the server must be a 32-bit JDK. The JBoss ON server must use a 32-bit JVM even on 64-bit systems.
    Running the server or agent with a 32-bit JVM does not in any way affect how JBoss ON manages other resources which may run with a 64-bit JVM. JBoss ON can still manage those resources and those resources can still use the 64-bit Java libraries for their own processes.
  7. Install the JBoss ON server as a Windows service. This action must be "Run as Administrator."
    C:\rhq\jon-server-\bin\rhq-server.bat install
  8. Start the JBoss ON server. This action must be "Run as Administrator."
    C:\rhq\jon-server-\bin\rhq-server.bat start
  9. Set up the JBoss ON server using the web installer (Section 4.3, “Going Through the Web Installer”) or by editing the configuration file (Section 4.4, “Silently Installing the Server”).