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3.2. Installing the Server JAR File

  1. Stop any currently running JBoss ON instances.
    serverRoot/jon-server- stop


    If the new JBoss ON server will use a database that existing JBoss ON instances are also using, then all of the existing JBoss ON instances have to be stopped. Otherwise, the installer will hang when it tries to contact the database and the database is unavailable because it is in use by another JBoss ON server.
  2. Download the JBoss ON binaries from the Customer Support Portal.
    1. In the Customer Support Portal, click Software, and then select JBoss Operations Network in the product drop-down box.
    2. Download the JBoss Operations Network 3.1.2 Base Distribution package by clicking the Download icon.
    3. There are additional plug-in packs available for EAP, EDS, EWS, and SOA-P. If any of those plug-ins will be used with the JBoss ON server, then download them as well.
  3. Unzip the server distribution to the directory where will be executed from.
    cd /opt
    This creates a version-specific installation directory, /opt/jon-server- A directory with this name should not exist prior to the unzip operation.
  4. Run the JBoss ON server:
    serverRoot/jon-server- start
  5. Set up the JBoss ON server using the web installer (Section 3.3, “Configuring the Server with the Web Installer”) or by editing the configuration file (Section 3.4, “Silently Installing the JBoss ON Server”).