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Chapter 6. Installing the JBoss ON CLI

The JBoss Operations Network CLI is a standalone Java application that uses the Java Scripting API (this requires Java 6 or later). The CLI allows JBoss ON to be better integrated into the network environment by allowing administrators to interact with JBoss ON programmatically.


Java 6 ships with the Rhino JavaScript engine, so JavaScript is the supported scripting language in the CLI.
A large subset of JBoss ON functionality is exposed in the CLI.
The JBoss ON server contains packages called the Remote Client, which contain the JBoss ON CLI packages,


Only the corresponding version of the CLI can be used to manage the JBoss ON server. Other versions are not compatible.
To install the CLI:
  1. Open the JBoss ON GUI.
  2. Click the Administration link in the main menu.
  3. Select the Downloads menu item.
  4. Scroll to the Command Line Client Download section, and click Download Client Installer.
  5. Save the .zip file into the directory where the CLI should be installed.
  6. Unzip the packages.