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2. Getting the JBoss ON ID for an Object

Everything in JBoss ON — resources, configuration properties, bundle archives, templates, alerts, everything — is identified with a unique ID number. Most of these ID numbers are visible in the web UI as part of the URL which goes to that object's details page.
Not every ID is easily found, though. For example, searching for a metric template requires the resource type ID, but the resource type ID is hard to find.
In other instances, you may want to run a script against multiple resources, which means there are multiple resource IDs which may not be explicitly known at the time you write the script.
Searching for a resource (Section 1, “Searches”) retrieves the resource's details, including its ID.
rhqadmin@localhost:7080$ criteria = new ResourceCriteria();
        inventoryManagerRequired: false
                 persistentClass: class org.rhq.core.domain.resource.Resource

rhqadmin@localhost:7080$ criteria.addFilterResourceTypeName('Linux')

rhqadmin@localhost:7080$ ResourceManager.findResourcesByCriteria(criteria);
one row
                         id: 10001
                    version: Linux 2.6.32-220.el6.x86_64
        currentAvailability: UP
               resourceType: Linux
This is true for any *Criteria search. It retrieves the ID for the object is searches for, even if that ID is not explicitly displayed.
This ID can then be used in other operations.
rhqadmin@localhost:7080$ var metrics = MeasurementDataManager.findLiveData(resources.get(0).id, [mdefs.get(0).id]);