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About This Guide

The remote API for JBoss Operations Network, and affiliated APIs like the domain API for searches and the plug-in API for agent plug-ins, provides a framework for automating management tasks.
Automation can take different forms, from scheduling routine management tasks as cron jobs to initiating server scripts in response to fired alerts. The remote API lets administrators be more active and responsive in how they maintain resources.
Because of the different ways that scripts can be used with JBoss ON, there are different methods of both writing and calling scripts. Because of the variety of different implementing scripts, wriing scripts, and even tasks that scripts can perform, there is no way to give a comprehensive library of scripts so that "if you want to do A, run script B." The goal of this guide it to provide clarity on what the remote API provides to script writers and basic usage information and examples for the included interactive JBoss ON CLI utility.
With a good basis of understanding some of what JBoss ON server scripts can do, administrators can create whatever specific script they need for their environments.

1. Audience and Intent

JBoss ON itself is written in Java, and the installed CLI utility communicates to the server in Java. However, the CLI uses a JavaScript-style interpreter and can execute JavaScript files that are passed to it.
This guide is geared toward systems administrators and programmers with a basic understanding of JavaScript. It is beneficial (though not required) to have a basic grasp of Java, as well.
The JBoss ON remote API can be used to write services in other Java-compatible languages, such as Groovy and Scala. That is outside the scope of this guide.