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1.5. Using Other Clients

Because JBoss ON exposes a large amount of functionality through its APIs, a number of different clients can be written to perform management tasks or to offer custom displays or views for resource data.
There are a number of different types of clients that can be written for JBoss ON:
  • Java clients, such as a desktop application to view alerts or monitoring charts. The JBoss ON CLI itself is a Java shell that works as a script execution engine.
  • Clients in JVM-compatible languages, such as Scala or Groovy
  • REST clients (tech preview)
Writing and using custom clients is outside the scope of this guide. Still, the breadth and flexibility of JBoss ON's APIs open up opportunities for organizations to integrate JBoss ON with other applications or to create their own, environment-specific clients to make infrastructure management easier. A simple JEE client is at Section 11, “Example: Writing a Custom Java Client”.