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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat JBoss Operations Network

2. Document History

Revision History
Revision 3.1.2-1.4002013-10-31Rüdiger Landmann
Rebuild with publican 4.0.0
Revision 3.1.2-1January 23, 2013Ella Deon Lackey
Fixed bad example for the baseDirName argument in the deploy application example, Bugzilla 852521.
Adding an example of printing/retrieving the results of an operation, Bugzilla 855442.
Adding a modified example of autoimport.js for a specific resource type (domain deployment), Bugzilla 860321.
Revision 3.1.1-0October 3, 2012Ella Deon Lackey
Bug fixes for JBoss Operations Network 3.1.1.
Revision 3.1-3August 9, 2012Ella Deon Lackey
Updating API links.
Revision 3.1-1June 30, 2012Ella Deon Lackey
Updating CLI short examples, baed on QE feedback.
Revision 3.1-0June 12, 2012Ella Deon Lackey
Initial release of JBoss ON 3.1.