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1.4. Differences Between the JBoss ON CLI and JBoss ON GUI Operations

While there is a lot of overlap between what can be done in the JBoss ON UI and the CLI scripts, there is not complete parity. There are a couple of critical differences:
  • Alert definition configuration. This is probably the most critical difference. While fired alerts can be retrieved through the CLI and scripts, there is no way to create or edit an alert definition, to set alert notifications, or to set alert conditions.
  • Manually creating child resources
  • Defining failover lists for servers
  • Defining affinity groups for agents
Some other local managers are used internally by the server, so there is no reason for them to be exposed or accessed through the remote API.:
  • Raw measurement data compression
  • Processing, caching, and logging alert conditions
  • Processing partition events
  • Determining authorization to resources based on role membership
  • Schedule loaders for metric collection, drift detection, and other scheduled events