2.3. CLI Files and Directories

These are the directories and relevant files for the CLI utility.

Table 2.1. Important CLI Utility Directories and Files

File or Directory Description
cliRoot/rhq-remoting-cli-3.1.2.GA The installation directory. The CLI utility is simply unzipped, so the installation directory can be anywhere on a system.
CLI Scripts
cliRoot/rhq-remoting-cli-3.1.2.GA/bin Contains both Linux (shell) and Windows (batch) scripts for the CLI utility.
rhq-cli.sh | rhq-cli.bat The CLI utility.
rhq-cli-env.sh | rhq-cli-env.bat Sets environment variables for the CLI utility, such as the Java home directory and Java options.
cliRoot/rhq-remoting-cli-3.1.2.GA/samples Contains both sample JavaScript files and supplemental JavaScript files which can be adapted to work with other scripts.
util.js A utility script which provides additional functions for search, mapping, and listing objects.
measurement_utils.js A utility script which simplifies updating metrics schedules. Instead of having to understand the underlying measurement APIs, it provides a way to define the metrics to change based on their friendly (UI) name and then both enables/disables and sets collection intervals in simpler terms.
drift.js A sample script which contains functions to create a snapshot, search for a specific drift definition, compare snapshots, and view drift histories.
bundles.js A sample script which sets up a bundles definition. This includes generating a bundle archive, creating a destination group, and then deploying the bundle.
deploy-to-and-restart-JBAS.js A sample script which deploys a new bundle or updated bundle to a group of JBoss servers, and then restarts the servers in the destination group.
cliRoot/rhq-remoting-cli-3.1.2.GA/conf Contains the XML files to configure the log4j logger for the CLI utility.
Sets the configuration for regular and debug logging for the CLI utility.
cliRoot/rhq-remoting-cli-3.1.2.GA/logs Contains the error logs for the CLI utility. This directory is created when the CLI is first run.
rhq-server-cli.log The error log for the CLI utility.
cliRoot/rhq-remoting-cli-3.1.2.GA/lib Contains all of the libraries used specifically by the CLI utility, including some libraries for proxy resources and CLI-specific commands.