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2.2. Setting CLI Environment Variables

The JBoss ON CLI utility is a Java application, so it supports a large variety of environment variables, JVM settings, and other Java options.
The Java settings and environment variables are defined in the|bat file.


The|bat file is fully annotated, so all available parameters are listed with full descriptions. If you want to change some of the JVM settings or parameters, read through the|bat file to get an idea of what parameters are available.
Default values are supplied for most of these arguments, and those defaults are sufficient for most operating environments.
There is one environment variable which must be set for every installation: the Java home directory. This can be set by editing either the RHQ_CLI_JAVA_HOME or the RHQ_CLI_JAVA_EXE_FILE_PATH variable in the|bat file. For example:


Do not edit the|bat file or attempt to set environment variables in that file. Environment variables and Java options should only be set in the|bat file.
Editing the|bat file may cause unexpected behavior or prevent the utility from running.