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Chapter 1. Understanding How Scripts Work with the JBoss ON Server and CLI

The JBoss Operations Network CLI and server-side scripts expose much of the core functionality of the JBoss ON server itself and give a lot of control to IT administrators on managing the resources in JBoss ON automatically and programmatically.
JBoss ON's remote API and the scripts which leverage it provide a way to access the JBoss ON server directly. Ultimately, this allows administrators to interact with JBoss ON differently than a strictly UI-based deployment.
Understanding the different JBoss ON APIs and how they interact with the JBoss ON server can help administrators plan what scripts they need for using the CLI programmatically, for planning alerts, and for designing clients.

1.1. A Summary of JBoss ON Public APIs

There are three relevant, public APIs for JBoss ON, which each interact differently with the JBoss ON server: the remote API, the domain API, and the plug-in API.

Table 1.1. JBoss ON APIs

API Description
Remote Resource management functions for tasks such as managing the inventory, changing configuration, uploading and managing content, initiating operations, viewing metrics and alerts, managing configuration drift, creating groups, and creating and managing users and roles.
The remote API is accessible using standard Java enterprise client mechanisms or through the servlet-based JBoss remoting endpoint.
Domain Functions which parallel the server's local manager beans, particularly in how a feature area is configured.
Clients use the remote API to script actions. The remote API relies on the domain API to supply most of that functionality, such as the criteria to use for object searches or the different properties for viewing resource configuration.
Plug-in Functions related to both agent (resource) plug-ins. This is not used at all for the JBoss ON CLI or server-side scripts. The APIs are used by the agent plug-ins to receive and convey information between the agent and the JBoss ON server.