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7. Creating Ant Bundles

Bundles are archive files that is stored on the server and then downloaded by an agent to deploy to a platform or resource. A bundle distribution is comprised of two elements:
  • An Ant recipe file named deploy.xml
  • Any associated application files. These application files can be anything; commonly, they fall into two categories:
    • Archive files (JAR or ZIP files)
    • Raw text configuration files, which can include tokens where users define the values when the bundle is deployed


The process and guidelines for actually creating an Ant recipe are outside the scope of this documentation. This document outlines the options and requirements for using Ant recipes specifically to work with the JBoss ON provisioning system.
For basic instructions, options, and tutorials for writing Ant tasks, see the Apache Ant documentation at

7.1. Supported Ant Versions

Table 1, “Ant Versions” lists the supported Ant and Ant Task versions.

Table 1. Ant Versions

Software Version
  • 1.8.0
  • 1.0b3