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3. Managing and Deploying Bundles with the JBoss ON CLI

Both uploading bundles to JBoss ON and deploying bundles to resources can be performed using the JBoss ON CLI.
The ability to script bundle deployments is very powerful, because it allows content or configuration updates, even new application servers, to be deployed automatically based on activity in other resources across JBoss ON. This is particularly useful with using JBoss ON CLI scripts in response to an alert:
  • A new JBoss application server can be deployed when an existing JBoss server experiences a heavy load or decreased performance.
  • Configuration files for a selected snapshot image can be immediately deployed to a platform or JBoss server to remedy configuration drift, in response to a drift alert.
  • A new web context can be deployed when another web is disabled within a mod_cluster domain.
Scripting also allows updates to be applied on schedule, such as having daily or weekly scheduled updates to a QE environment — which is also useful because the bundle content can be pulled from a GIT or SVN repository used by a build system first, and then deployed for testing.