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3. Fixed Bugs in JBoss Operations Network 3.1.2

These bugs have been fixed in JBoss Operations Network 3.1.2. For a complete list of all issues addressed in JBoss Operations Network 3.1.2, search Bugzilla for bugs with a target of JBoss ON 3.1.2.

Table 2. JBoss ON 3.1.2 Fixed Bugs

Bug Number Component Description
Bugzilla 811245 Agent If both an EAP 6 server and a JDG server were running on the same system, the EAP 6 child resources were detected and added as (unavailable) child resources of the JDG instance.
Bugzilla 818522 Agent It could take several minutes to be able to detect a child resource on a JBoss EAP 6 server.
Bugzilla 838153 Agent If resource plug-ins were deleted when resources of that type were in the inventory, then an agent running in the background on a system was stopped and had errors when restarting.
Bugzilla 869716 Agent If the availability metric were enabled or disabled, the change was not implemented by the agent, so the availability metric would continue to be collected (or not collected) according to its previous state. The change would only be picked up if the agent's data were purged and reloaded.
Bugzilla 876656 Agent If the parent process for an EAP instance was similar to a system service (such as an init script) or was executed as root rather than being started by the run script, then discovery of the EAP instance failed with the error java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 0.
Bugzilla 876665 Agent If there were a large number of metrics scheduled, some metrics would be delayed until the next collection interval. With a large enough number of scheduled metrics, some metrics could essentially be postponed indefinitely, without ever being collected.
Bugzilla 861237 CLI Attempting to run the ResourceManager.getLiveResourceAvailability method from the CLI failed with the exception org.hibernate.PersistentObjectException: detached entity passed to persist.
Bugzilla 864870 CLI A user who did not have the required MANAGE_DRIFT permission could still create a drift definition using the CLI.
Bugzilla 876479 CLI Attempting to change a metric collection interval through the CLI failed silently. The operation appeared to complete successfully, but the schedule was not updated.
Bugzilla 875845 Configuration Stored obfuscated passwords, such as those used to access content repositories, were improperly decrypted. This caused attempts to access content providers to fail.
Bugzilla 826736 Core Server The UI would allow resource types marked as a singleton to have multiple instances created.
Bugzilla 864259 Core Server A call-time metric can use a regular expression to limit the destinations which satisfy the condition. If the regular expression was invalid, then the entire condition cache for the agent was reloaded and then failed with the error 12:06:52,005 ERROR [AlertConditionCacheCoordinator] Error loading cache for agent[id=10001] java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException: Dangling meta character '*' near index 2 .**.*.
Bugzilla 797325 Database, Alerts In Oracle, the alert notification table is created with the NOLOGGING option. This means that users are required to review the alert notification configuration manually for every alert to verify that the configuration is correct.
Bugzilla 878246 High Availability, Alerts When an alert definition has multiple conditions set, the server keeps a cache of when a resource hits that condition. Only when all conditions are met is an alert issued. With high availability, some conditions — particularly for availability, but also for operation and configuration changes — were not properly propogated among all servers. This meant that the alert caches on the individual servers could be out of date, causing alert notifications to be sent improperly based on old data or not to be sent because the server was not aware that all conditions had been met.
Bugzilla 870449 Installer If the server was configured to run over SSL at the time it was installed, then it improperly attempted to start on the agent communication port of 16363 rather than the configured server standard port of 7080 or secure port of 7443.
Bugzilla 845700 Inventory A plug-in cannot be deleted if resources of the type defined by the plug-in are in the inventory. An improper query in the validation improperly matched other resources types and prevent a plug-in from being purged, even though no resources of the type defined in the plug-in were actually in the inventory.
Bugzilla 869063 Inventory An agent plug-in can be deleted from the server even if resources of its defined types are still in the inventory, but that plug-in cannot then be purged. However, there was no indication of why certain plug-ins failed to be purged, and the plug-in remained installed and active.
Bugzilla 859417 Monitoring, Plug-ins (EAP 5) The "Connection Available?" trait for connection factories and datasources shows whether JBoss ON could connect to the underlying data provider successfully. The test connection attempted to authenticate to a security object which had no user or role properties file defined and security context validation checks failed. This trait is now disabled by default.
Bugzilla 870561 Monitoring The peak and low values for a metric were taken from the (compressed) average values over a time period rather than the true maximum and minimum recorded values.
Bugzilla 871610 Plug-ins Some JMX thread leaks were fixed.
Bugzilla 687992 Plug-ins (Apache) The httpd process was not discovered if the /etc/httpd file did not exist.
Bugzilla 864255 Plug-ins (Apache) The SNMP ping time was hard-coded to a very low value (50ms), which made the attempt to ping Apache fail fairly frequently. The default ping time has been increased and the ping time itself is now a configurable setting.
Bugzilla 850841 Plug-ins (BRMS) BRMS 5.1 applications were discovered fine, but BRMS 5.2 and 5.3 applications were not discovered automatically by the BRMS plug-in. The applications had to be added manually as child resources.
Bugzilla 812749 Plug-ins (EAP 6) Bundle provisioning is only available for EAP 6 standalone servers. Standalone servers use a filesystem-based deployment directory, which is used by the bundle system. Domain resources use a different, distributed style of deployment. The domain style of content distribution is not supported for bundles.
Bugzilla 855925 Plug-ins (EAP 6) Attempting to download content from an EAP 6 resource using the retrieveBackingContent method in the CLI failed to retrieve the content. The server recorded the error java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to retrieve package bits for resource: 14871 and package: 10241.
Bugzilla 856110 and Bugzilla 862011 Plug-ins (EAP 6), CLI After creating a deployment on an EAP 6 domain using the CLI, attempting to update the deployment failed with the exception java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Parameters for [promote] on Resource of type [DomainDeployment] are not valid: [Required property 'server-group' was not set in Configuration[id=0].].
Bugzilla 856186 Plug-ins (EAP 6) When creating a content-backed resource through the CLI, no filename was explicitly assigned to the package when it was uploaded, but a filename was required for the content to be successfully deployed to an EAP 6 resource. The dependency on an explicity filename for content-backed resources has been removed from the EAP 6 plug-in.
Bugzilla 857189 Plug-ins (EAP 6) If the transation timed out while installing the EAP 6 agent plug-in to the server, then the plug-in could be partially deployed to the agent. This would cause agent to record errors such as The Agent most likely has a plugin named 'JBossAS7' installed that is not installed on the Server. Resource will be ignored... when any resources defined by the EAP 6 plug-in were discovered.
Bugzilla 857423 Plug-ins (EAP 6) Initiating a shut down operation a stopped EAP instance through JMX results in a (proper) failure message, while attempting to shut down a stopped EAP instance using the script shows an incorrect success message.
Bugzilla 889628 Plug-ins (EAP 6) If an EAP 6 instance was started as a Windows service, the instance could not be discovered. The agent logs recorded the exception Discovery of a JBossAS7 Host Controller Resource failed for process: pid=[1904], name=[java], ppid=[2496]. java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 2.
Bugzilla 785783 Plug-ins (EDS) The View VDB Requests did not show any results in the JBoss ON UI. This plug-in has been fixed so that it properly returns the session ID and executed SQL query for the operations on the EDS server.
Bugzilla 861434 Plug-ins (EDS) When executing an operation on an EDS resource through JBoss ON, a NoSuchMethodException was thrown because of a change in the getPropertyDefinitions() method.
Bugzilla 856374 Plug-ins (JMX) If the process command line did not include the main class name for the JMX resource, then the discovery process would fail with the error Unsupported key type: Legacy.
Bugzilla 871606 Plug-ins (Script) The script plug-in can be configured to use a regular expression to check for log output. If the output was empty for some reason, the resource was erroneously considered to be down.
Bugzilla 845277 UI The metric graphs on the dashboard wrongly display just the graph numbers in Internet Explorer, rather than the graph itself.
Bugzilla 865166 UI If a resource was only partially removed — such as the resource was uninventoried but the server was shut down before the process completed — then there was a globally uncaught exception in the Inventory pages because a resource with a null availability state could not be loaded. This prevented the affected Inventory page from loading.