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Appendix C. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 6.0.0-70Wednesday July 22 2015B Long
Added note about how enabling the Java Security Manager may reduce server performance..
Revision 6.0.0-69Friday June 5 2015B Long
Added note about setting PATH and other variables.
Revision 6.0.0-68Tuesday April 14 2015Petr Penicka
Improved the Creating the Camel Quartz Binding Quickstart Application chapter.
Revision 6.0.0-67Thursday March 19 2015B Long
Adding getting started tutorial on how to create a web service proxy (FUSEDOC-318).
Revision 6.0.0-66Monday February 23 2015B Long
Version number updated from 6 to 6.0 for consistency.
Revision 6.0.0-65Wednesday December 17 2014B Long
Adding animated GIFs to Camel Quartz Binding quickstart topic as per Bug 1170393.
Revision 6.0.0-64Wednesday December 10 2014Anshu Mahajan