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Appendix A. Quickstart Applications

A.1. About Quickstart Applications

Each quickstart application demonstrates a specific piece of JBoss Fuse Service Works functionality to help you build services for your solution. All of the quickstart applications are included in the EAP_HOME/quickstarts directory of your installation.


Instructions to run each quickstart application are documented in a README file located in the application directory.

A.2. Sample SwitchYard Quickstarts

The following list is a sample of the SwitchYard quickstarts available within the EAP_HOME/quickstarts/switchyard directory:
The RemoteInvoker serves as a remote invocation client for SwitchYard services. It allows non-SwitchYard applications to invoke any service in SwitchYard which uses a <> binding. It is also used by the internal clustering channel to facilitate intra-cluster communication between instances.
Implements a service using a CDI bean and exposes it through a SOAP gateway.
Uses BPMN 2 to provide and utilize SwitchYard services.
This is a basic routing example that uses XML and Java DSL Camel routes.
Demonstrates how a Camel component can be used as a SwitchYard gateway.
Launches a web application which invokes a SwitchYard service from a JSF.


You can find additional quickstarts by going to the quickstarts directory.

A.3. Using SwitchYard Quickstarts


  • Maven 3.0.x must be installed.


    Run the following command to verify that Maven is installed successfully on your machine: mvn --version

Procedure A.1. Task

  1. Open a terminal.
  2. Navigate to a quickstart directory under EAP_HOME/quickstarts/switchyard where the project pom.xml file for the quickstart application is located. For example:
  3. Run the following command:
    mvn clean install

The quickstart compiles and is ready for use.

A.4. Running Quickstarts from JBoss Developer Studio


This topic demonstrates how to import a quickstart application to JBoss Developer Studio and then deploy it to a running application server.


The JBoss Integration and SOA Development tools must be installed from the JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack.

Procedure A.2. Task

  1. Open JBoss Developer Studio.
  2. Click FileImportMavenExisting Maven Projects.
  3. Select Browse and navigate to the quickstart directory, for example, EAP_HOME/quickstarts/switchyard/bean-service and then select OK.
    The import tool will scan the directory to locate the associated pom.xml file.
  4. Select Finish.
  5. The quickstart is listed in the Project Explorer tab. You can expand the project to explore its contents.
  6. In the Project Explorer tab, right-click on the project's name and click Run asRun on serverEAP.

The quickstart application is deployed to the server and will be enabled by default.