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10.2. Integrate Derby with JBoss Fuse


Integrating Derby with Red Hat JBoss Fuse is a relatively simple procedure. All you need to do is to set a single Java system property, which specifies the location of the Derby system.

Derby system

A Derby system is essentially the directory where all of Derby's data is stored. A Derby system can contain multiple database instances, where each database instance holds its data in a sub-directory of the Derby system directory.

derby.system.home Java system property

You are required to set one Java system property to configure the Derby system: the derby.system.home Java system property, which specifies the location of the Derby system directory.

Setting derby.system.home in the OSGi container

In order to integrate Derby with JBoss Fuse, you must set the derby.system.home property in the OSGi container. Under the JBoss Fuse install directory, open the etc/ file using a text editor and add the following line:
Where DerbySystemDirectory is any convenient location for storing your Derby data files. After setting the derby.system.home property, any Derby database instances created in the OSGi container will share the same Derby system (that is, the database instances will store their data under the specified Derby system directory).