Chapter 1. Using the Fuse Tooling Resource Files

Experienced users may want to focus only on the tutorials that demonstrate the tooling’s new features. To do so, you need to download and install the requisite resource files. The prefabricated message files are used by all tutorials, but the prefabricated routing context files are specific to particular tutorials. With the exception of Chapter 2, To Create a New Route, using these prefabricated resource files enables you to complete the remaining tutorials in any order. Without them, you must complete each tutorial sequentially, as the code generated by one tutorial is the starting point for the next tutorial.


You must complete Chapter 2, To Create a New Route, to create the project, the new routing context, and the folder that will hold the test messages. The code generated by this tutorial is used by Chapter 3, To Run a Route and by Chapter 4, To Add a Content-Based Router.

Downloading the resource files

Click here to download the file. Move it to a convenient location external to the CBRroute project’s workspace, and unzip it. It contains two folders:

  • Messages

    This folder contains six prefabricated message files named message1.xml, message2.xml,…​, message6.xml used in all of the tutorials. In Chapter 2, To Create a New Route, you will create the directory in which to store these message files, and also learn how to create them.

  • blueprintContexts

    This folder contains two prefabricated routing context files named blueprint5.xml, and blueprint6.xml, which can be used in one or more of the tutorials:

    Use prefabricated routing context file:To complete tutorials:


    To Add Another Route to the CBR Routing Context


    To Debug a Routing Context

    To Trace a Message Through a Route

    To Test a Route with JUnit

    To Publish a Fuse Project to Red Hat JBoss Fuse


    blueprint5.xml is the routing context file generated by completing Chapter 4, To Add a Content-Based Router.

Installing the prefabricated routing context files

To install the blueprint#.xml files:

  1. Delete the existing blueprint.xml file from the CBRroute/src/main/resources/OSGI-INF/blueprint/ folder.
  2. Copy the blueprint#.xml file that corresponds to the tutorial that you want to complete to the vacated CBRroute/src/main/resources/OSGI-INF/blueprint/ folder.
  3. Rename the blueprint#.xml file blueprint.xml.
  4. Follow the instructions for completing the target tutorial.