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13.3. SwitchYardTestCaseConfig

The SwitchYardTestCaseConfig annotation is optional. You can use it control the behavior of the SwitchYardRunner:
  • config: Enables you to specify a SwitchYard XML configuration file (switchyard.xml) for the test. The SwitchYardRunner attempts to load the specified configuration from the classpath. If it fails to locate the config on the classpath, it attempts to locate it on the file system (For example, within the project structure).
  • mixins: Enables you to add specific testing tools to your test case. Each TestMixIn is a composition-based method that provides customized testing tools for service implementations, gateway bindings, and transformers. When a TestMixIn is annotated on a test class, the SwitchYardRunner handles all the initialization and cleanup (life cycle) of the TestMixIn instances. It is also possible to manually create and manage TestMixIn instances within your test class if you are not using the SwitchYardRunner.
  • scanners: Enables you to add classpath scanning as part of the test life cycle. This adds the same Scanner behavior as the one available with the SwitchYard maven build plug-in. However, it allows the scanning to take place as part of the test life cycle. You may need to add Scanners if you want your test to run inside your IDE. This is because running your test inside your IDE bypasses the whole maven build process, which means the build plug-in does not perform any scanning.
Here is how you can use the SwitchYardTestCaseConfig annotation:
@SwitchYardTestCaseConfig(config = "testconfigs/switchyard-01.xml", mixins = {CDIMixIn.class}, scanners = {BeanSwitchYardScanner.class, TransformSwitchYardScanner.class})
public class MyServiceTest  {
    public void testOperation() {