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15.4. SwitchYard Serialization API Usage

You can implement Serialization using Serializers from the SerializerFactory. Although it is not recommended to use SwitchYard's serialization API directly, however, if you need to use it, here is an example of Serializer.create invocation:
// See SerializerFactory for overloaded "create" methods.
Serializer ser = SerializerFactory.create(FormatType.JSON, CompressionType.GZIP, true);
// to and from a byte array
Foo fooBefore = new Foo();
byte[] bytes = ser.serialize(fooBefore, Foo.class);
Foo fooAfter = ser.deserialize(bytes, Foo.class);
// to and from output/input streams
Bar barBefore = new Bar();
OutputStream out = ...
ser.serialize(barBefore, Bar.class, out);
InputStream in = ...
Bar barAfter = ser.deserialize(in, Bar.class);
Out of the box, the available FormatTypes are SER_OBJECT, XML_BEAN and JSON, and the available CompressionTypes are GZIP, ZIP, or null (for no compression).