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2.6. Setting a New Rules Runtime in JBoss Developer Studio

Setting this runtime provides an environment for new rules sets. It consists of a collection of jar files which are then utilized in rules creation. Once you have set up a runtime, you can go about adding and modifying rules in JBoss Developer Studio.
  1. Download and unzip the runtime jars files located in the archive of the JBoss BRMS Deployable zip archive (available from Red Hat Customer Portal).
  2. From the Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio menu, select Window and click Preferences.
  3. Select JBoss RulesInstalled JBoss Rules RuntimesRuntime locations.
  4. Click Add; provide a name for the new runtime, and click Browse to navigate to the directory where the runtime is located.
  5. Click OK, select the new runtime and click OK again. A dialog box indicates, if you have existing projects, that JBoss Developer Studio must be restarted to update the Runtime.