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3.6. Service Binding

A service binding is used to define an access method for a composite service. Composite services can have multiple bindings, which allows a single service to be accessed in different ways. In most cases, a service binding represents a protocol or transport adapter (for example, SOAP, JMS, and REST). An important exception to this rule is the SCA binding, which allows services across applications in the same runtime to be wired together in memory. Regardless of the underlying binding details, a binding must always be used to facilitate inter-application communication in SwitchYard.

Figure 3.7. Service Binding

Service Binding

Example 3.6. Sample Corresponding XML

<sca:composite name="example" targetNamespace="urn:example:switchyard:1.0">
   <sca:service name="ServiceA" promote="Routing/ServiceA">
      <sca:interface.wsdl interface="ServiceA.wsdl#wsdl.porttype(ServiceAPortType)"/>