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3.3. Implementation

An implementation acts as the brain of a service component and it is how implement your application logic. The following implementation options are available:
  • Bean : allows a CDI Bean to consume or provide services using annotations
  • Camel : EIP-style routing and service composition using the XML or Java DSL in Apache Camel
  • BPMN 2 : service orchestration and human task integration expressed as BPMN 2 and executed using jBPM
  • BPEL Process : web service orchestration using the OASIS Business Process Execution Language
  • Rules : decision services based on Drools
Implementations are private to a component, which means external consumers and providers are not aware of the details of a component's implementation (implementation-hiding). All interactions with other components within an application and with external services are handled through component services and references.

Figure 3.4. Implementation


Example 3.3. Sample Corresponding XML

<sca:component name="Routing">
      <camel:xml path="RoutingService.xml"/>