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10.5. Adding a Transformer Using SwitchYard Editor

This section describes how to add a transformer to an application in the SwitchYard editor. The example in this section shows how to add a Smooks transformer.
  1. Select the main object (transform-smooks) in the SwitchYard editor.

    Figure 10.1. Smooks Transformations in SwitchYard Editor

    Configure Smooks transformations Using SwitchYard Editor
  2. Select the Transforms tab in the Properties view. The existing transformers are listed.
  3. Select Add to add new transformers.

    Figure 10.2. List of Transformers Under Properties View

    • Users are not able to add transformers unless they are required.
    • If no transformers are visible in the properties page, try updating the Maven project configuration by right-clicking the project and selecting MavenUpdate Project.