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3.5. Composite Service

A composite service represents an application service which is visible to other applications. A composite service can only be realized by promoting a component service within the application. The name and the interface of the composite service can be different from the component service. If the interface, or contract, of the composite service is different from the component service, be aware that a transformation may be required to map between the types defined in each interface. In our example application, the component service has a Java interface while the composite service has a WSDL interface. This means we must declare a transformer which maps between XML and Java to resolve the data type mismatch.

Figure 3.6. Composite Service

Composite Service

Example 3.5. Sample Corresponding XML

<sca:composite name="example" targetNamespace="urn:example:switchyard:1.0">
   <sca:service name="ServiceA" promote="Routing/ServiceA">
      <sca:interface.wsdl interface="ServiceA.wsdl#wsdl.porttype(ServiceAPortType)"/>