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Chapter 3. Application Basics

This section introduces the basic building blocks of a SwitchYard application starting from an empty application and building up to the complete application as shown below:

Figure 3.1. Composite

Application Basics
Each topic includes a visual representation of the switchyard.xml configuration file as designed in the SwitchYard graphical editor and the corresponding source XML which is automatically generated from the visual design.

3.1. Composite

A composite is displayed as a light blue rectangle and represents the boundary between what is inside your application and what is outside your application. A SwitchYard application consists of exactly one composite that has a name and a targetNamespace. The targetNamespace value is important as it allows names defined locally in the application (for example, service names) to be qualified and unique within a SwitchYard runtime.

Figure 3.2. Composite


Example 3.1. Sample Corresponding XML

<sca:composite name="example" targetNamespace="urn:example:switchyard:1.0">